Young Adult Program (YAP)



The Maine Region’s Young Adult Patrol (YAP) program offers teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 the opportunity to complete all the medical and ski skill training necessary to be accepted as a member of the National Ski Patrol. The program is geared toward aspiring outdoor leaders and those interested in serving the communities they live and recreate in. The program includes the full training regime of adult ski patrollers and is geared toward having fun in respected peer groups, while having fun and learning valuable medical skills, all the while gaining experience in emergency care situations all while honing technical ski and riding skills at their local ski resorts.

Ski patrols across Maine host YAPs with local coordinators available to answer questions about training schedules, program requirements and commitments.

The Maine Region YAP program is sanctioned under the Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol and abides by the national program rules and guidelines.

Eastern Division YAP Mission:

Provide a learning environment where young adults can develop leadership skills for success on and off the ski slopes; instill in them a desire to serve in the National Ski Patrol beyond their years as young adults, maintaining membership, and eventually assuming leadership in the National Ski Patrol as well as in their communities; all the while embracing the mission of the National Ski Patrol, “To help keep people safe on the mountain and during other outdoor activities.”

The Maine Region YAP program is led by Region Advisor Scott Thistle. Scott brings 26 years of patrol experience as an NSP qualified instructor, instructor trainer and trainer evaluator. Scott serves as the co-director of the Lost Valley Patrol in Auburn and as a volunteer on the Saddleback Ski Patrol. His team of co- instructors and local YAP coordinators are all Safe Sport certified and committed to the goals of the YAP program ensuring a safe and well-guided learning environment for all participants.

 For more information about the Maine Region YAP program, or to get connected to a YAP program nearest you email Scott at: [email protected]




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