The Certified Program had another successful year in getting around the state to bring the program to our members. Believe it or not we started the season in the dead of summer in Harrison, ME with our 8th annual Certified Boot Camp. Please see the following activities performed:
We “Z” dragged ATV’s up steep embankments
We performed Chair Lift Evacuations between Large Oak Trees
Deep leaves and underbrush beacon search
OEC – Certified Level – Scenarios
Skiing – (Water of course)

The program has been program has been growing every year with participation from examiners, candidates and families all over the Eastern Division and even one member from the Southern Division (North Carolina)! We are expecting over 80 people next year. Please make plans to come to next year’s scheduled event for July 31 / Aug 1, 2016. If you are interested in participating please make your reservations as early as you can. I am taking reservations now. I have already 25 signed up!

Please go to the ME Region Website (www.maineregionnsp.org); click on the Eastern Division Website window to the right of the page; then click on Photo’s. Please also check out the Certified Program for all other information while you are on the Eastern Division Website. You will get an idea of how much FUN we are having!
The Certified Group has approximately 3-4 Intro-to-Certified events scheduled in the Eastern Division and one of them happens every year at Sunday River. A big THANKS to Sunday River for allowing us the opportunity to run programs there. A Pre-Course is also available for those interested in entering into the program.
The Annual event is usually held in the last full weekend of March. However these dates can change due snow availability and other factors. This year the exam was at Smuggler’s Notch in March from 3/20 – 3/23. They were a great host and the exam went off without a hitch. My role this year was to set courses and demo. My 2 demos were in Snowplow and Equipment Carry.

We will continue to visit the Maine Region resorts throughout the season tagging some training along with other programs like S&T and OEC Clinics. I have been approached by many members with a lot of interest in the Certified program. We are starting to see increased participation by continually forwarding opportunities of “can do” environments while demystifying the Certified Program. So continue to talk up the program and participate at any one of our scheduled Boot Camps and “Intro to Certified” programs; or call me to bring the program to you! Please see schedule of dates to be posted in the fall on the website: www.maineregionnsp.org.

The schedule next year is as follows:
Pre-Course & Intro to Certified
Sunday River – January 21, 2016
Certified Exam
Sugarbush – April 1 – 4, 2016 (no April fools!)
If you are interested in finding out more about the Certified program, please call or write me anytime.
Thanks again for your time, effort and support of this great program.

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