Instructor Development ID

Instructor Development: There is an online ID class that is available to patrollers. This “eCourse” meets the bookwork requirement of the Instructor Development Program. ID Candidates will receive for study, “Training the Adult Learner” manual. Also required to complete the course is a five to six hour “Skill Sessions” class, where the Instructor Candidates learn about teaching techniques, learning styles and are evaluated while teaching a short subject of their choosing.

Bob Greene from Saddleback is the Maine Advisor for this program. He is a 45-year veteran Senior Level Professional Patroller and was recognized as the Maine Region Instructor of the Year. Anyone that is interested in becoming an instructor should contact him. This ID course is a one-time requirement, with re-certs required every three years. Once the course is completed, a patroller can specialize in teaching NSP programs such as OET, OEC and MTR. Let Bob know if you have any interested patrollers or are interested yourself, and he will provide additional details and course schedules. Bob’s email is [email protected] / 603-770-3133

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