Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC)

Hello Fellow Patrollers,

As we head into a new ski season, I want to bring your attention to the Senior OEC Module of the Senior Program. The Senior OEC raises the bar in terms of patient care and scene management, it will challenge you with advanced scenarios where decision making is a key component. This is an excellent opportunity to improve and expand your skills and to bring your patient care to the next level.

If you are at all interested in the Senior OEC Module, please go to the Maine Region website and click on “Senior OEC”, where you will find a packet of information that talks more about the program and the requirements. Also, please contact me directly, my contact info is also on the web site. There is a calendar of events that lists clinics schedule throughout Maine for the upcoming season, but there are also a number of qualified patrollers at the mountains that can also run clinics and help you prepare for the end test. I am also happy to come to other mountains if there is sufficient interest.

This is a great program and I encourage you to consider getting involved.

Tom Bull, Senior OEC Module Advisor

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