Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC)

Hello Fellow Patrollers,

The goal of the OEC Module of the Senior Program is to expand and improve the knowledge and skills of NSP members relating to handling complex situations involving decision making, problem management and leadership.  The program also prepares patrollers for leadership roles within the NSP. 

If you are interested in working to become a stronger, more confident patroller you should consider this program.  The program is designed to help you build upon your skills related to: problem and patient assessment, resource management, OEC skills, transportation considerations, and finally leadership in terms of communication skills, the ability to direct others, and confidence.

Saturday February 4 at Saddleback

Saturday February 18 at Sugarloaf

Saturday February 11 at Mt. Abram

Sunday March 5, End Test at Saddleback

This is a great program and I encourage you to consider getting involved.

Tom Bull, Senior OEC Module Advisor

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