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Click HERE to open and print a copy of the NSP Course Completion form
Click HERE to open and print a coppy of the Senior OEC Info-Application


Instructor Development. There is an on line ID class that is available to patrollers that meets the bookwork requirement of the Instructor development program.  Also required to complete the requirements is a class where the participant will teach a short subject of their choosing other than NSP/skiing/OEC, etc for the Instructor Development instructors. David J Lemieux is the Maine Advisor for this program and anyone that is interested in becoming an instructor should contact him.  This ID course is a one-time requirement - then as a patroller you can specialize your teaching into other NSP programs.  Let David know if you have any interested patrollers and he can work out a classroom date. David's email is LNGLEOCHIEF@gmail.com

Senior EMM.  The schedule for EMM clinics and Exam will soon be posted on the website.  We encourage anyone that is interested in the program to attend one of the clinics.  Attendance is not a commitment for examination but an exposure to the program and it’s requirements.  Anyone that is interested should contact Tom Bull as soon as possible so that he can get you appropriate information regarding the program. Tom ’s email is tbull71@msn.com

Instructor Trainer and Trainer Evaluators.  Instructor Trainers are a critical part of the OEC program and any instructor who is interested in becoming an IT should contact Dan Pascucci.  There may be an IT class sometime after the New Year.  Trainer Evaluators work with the Senior EMM program in assisting in clinics and as evaluators for the exam. Anyone interested in this should contact: Tony Curro  skibum@gwi.net

OEC Enhancement Seminars-  As written in the Policy and Procedures Manual.

Outdoor Emergency Care Enhancement Seminars are continuing education tools designed to enhance existing OEC skills for OEC technicians through an injury or illness-directed practice session selected from a series of pre-designed modules. Each session will be presented in an environment realistic to the injuries addressed in the selected module. Each module is formatted to include an introduction of topics and objectives, skills demonstrations, practice scenarios, summary and review, and a group discussion.

If you would like a seminar at your mountain please contact Dan Pascucci to schedule one for you.

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