Many Thanks to these long standing members (Tom, Warren, Kevin and Kurt) of the Mt Abram Ski Patrol located in the Maine Region for their collective 90+ years of dedicated service.  On March 14th, Lucas the PD and all of the Mt Abram Patrol provided a nice send off for these beloved 4 Patrollers just before Covid-19 shut us down.  Stay SAFE everyone and stay in touch. Go Alumni!  We will miss you guys. #mtabram #maineregionnsp #easterndivisionnsp #nspyap #nsp #subarusnow #subarutnt #subaruadventures #nspsubaru #kneedeepinwork  @ Mt Abram


If you are interested in joining the National Ski Patrol in Maine the first step is to find a patrol that will host you. Please contact your local ski patrol director for volunteer requirements.

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